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First visit

Visiting our office is the first step to getting your quality of life back!

Before Your Appointment

Make the best use of the time with your doctor by arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment and bringing the following items with you:

  • The completed New Patient Pre-Appointment Intake Form and Consent for Medical Records Release Form

  • Any medications that you are currently taking, including all vitamins and over-the-counter drugs. If bringing a list please be sure to include dose and frequency of each medication

  • Your insurance cards and a valid ID

  • A referral order, if required by your insurance plan

  • Copay or deductible, per your insurance plan, will be requested at time of visit.

  • Pertinent medical records including imaging and blood tests/laboratory reports*

*To save you the time and expense of duplicating laboratory tests, please ask your primary care to send your medical records before your appointment. You can also hand-carry these medical records (which may include laboratory reports, imaging reports and provider notes) with you to be sure they are available at the time of your visit.

What to Expect:


Once your forms are complete and information is updated, our medical assistant will take your vital signs, get your medical history and talk briefly with you about your symptoms. Your medical provider will then discuss your symptoms in detail and perform a comprehensive examination, including a full joint exam assessing range of motion of each joint. We recommend that you wear loose clothing and shoes that are easy to remove.

After gathering all the information and reviewing available records, your provider will discuss the next steps with you. This may involve additional testing in order to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, treatment options will be discussed and we will work with you to choose the plan best tailored to your condition as well as your life and goals.

Your visit is the best time to ask questions or discuss any concerns with your provider. We promise to speak candidly with you about your symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Doctor with Files

patient forms

 Please complete these forms and bring them to your first appointment.

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