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labs and imaging centers

This is a partial list of lab and imaging centers our patients use. There is no assurance of insurance coverage at these facilities. Please contact your insurance carrier to check your benefits.

Swedish Hospital
(Labs, Imaging)

Formerly Swedish Covenant Hospital

Galter Medical Pavilion

5140 N California Ave., Chicago, IL 60625 
Phone: 773-989-3807, press option 2

Labs & imaging: 1st floor

st joes.jpg

331 W Surf St, Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 877-737-4636

Labs: 1st floor

Imaging: 6th floor

Quest Diagnostics


1) Peterson

4801 W Peterson Ave Ste 205, Chicago, IL 60646

2) Parkway Plaza

4126 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60641

3) Halsted

3000 N Halsted Ste 604, Chicago, IL 60657

Refer to Quest Diagnostics website for more locations, hours, and to make an appointment online.

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