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Our Services

We provide services on-site to give you access to the most streamlined care

If your treatment requires IV medications, we have a convenient, on-site infusion suite and can coordinate follow-up appointments with your infusion times

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In-office injections

When medically appropriate, we offer in-office injections including medications for osteoporosis, gel injections for knee osteoarthritis, and steroid injections for inflamed joints

We know that your health is about so much more than your joints. Our dietitian partner can help you take back control of what types of fuel you are giving your body on your journey toward wellness

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We offer on-site phlebotomy (blood draw) services through LabCorp. No need to add another stop to your day, get your bloodwork done before you leave.

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Partnering with Flourish Research, Dr Jain heads a clinical trials center on the 6th floor of our building. This allows our patients to participate in new options for treatment of rheumatologic diseases as well as other conditions such as obesity and heart disease.

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